Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Infertility is not a word I ever thought I would associate with myself. That was until 7 years ago. I will admit Morgyn was my oops baby, not planned but certainly not unwanted. When I met Bruce, Morgyn and I were a package deal and he took us lock stock and barrel.

It wasn't until we decided to add to our family that it became apparent that something was wrong. Things had never really been right after Morgyn, but my GP chalked it up to breastfeeding. I had not had a regular cycle in 5 years, I started to gain weight and I had all these odd little things going on. I had switched to a new GP and it became apparent for lack of better words she was as useless as tits on a bull. I bugged her for almost a year that um we have not used any sort of birth control in 3years and nothing was happening. She finally referred us to a fertility clinic, my 1st visit with Dr. Lee was uneventful but interesting. This was a man who had no qualms about wearing a pink sweater, funky pointed shoes and carrying a "purse" of sorts. Little did I realize that this man would work miracles on my screwed up body. A diagnose was quick to come PCOS, or Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (if I could figure out how to link I would but alas I haven't). When I read up on it, it all made sense, that was ME.

I took us 3 months which was relatively short after 4 long years of trying to get pregnant with Kamryn. I had to use Clomid/Metformin and Basal Body Temperature. When that stick showed 2 lines I was in shock. Our experience getting pregnant with Jillian was easier since we knew what the problem was and what drugs worked. I did conceive on my own but sadly we miscarried. That was one of the hardest times of our lives.

Lately I have been reading of others who have had infertility issues. When I read their stories I think I almost had it easy. We were fortunate that after 3 months of pills both times we were able to conceive 2 great girls. I think at times I stop and go WOW can I consider myself in the same books of those that have spent $1000's on IVF to achieve their dreams.

I can only say that without Dr. Lee I don't know where we would be today. I left my appointments with him feeling hope and that he truly cared. When we lost our angel baby he comforted us and made a promise that it would happen again. My only wish it that all couple out there end up with a Dr like we had, and that they end up with a precious baby in their arms.

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chelle said...

ugh. A miscarriage is beyond words to describe the pain. Hugs!

Amazing how if you find the right doctor and the time approach, things happen the wya theya re suppose to.