Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Big Scary

ANT!!! Yes ant. The girls and I went for a walk the other day with my Aunt, she lives right by the River Valley and it's a nice albeit gruelling walk when you are out of shape but I digress. My girls LOVE their Great-Aunt and what we discovered on our trek is they do not love ANTS!!

As we walked Morgyn was riding a bike and the chain came off, so as we stand there trying to fix it Kamryn looks down to discover she is standing on an ANT hill! To say the kid went ape shit is an understatment. OMG I have never seen her freak out like this. So we get her calmed down and continue on. As we head back up the hill to come home I figure it would be easier to let Jillian walk rather than push her, she was game and doing quite well UNTIL she saw ants. Well I guess it was a case of monkey see monkey do. UGH. She freaks on me. Kamryn then again has another freak out when she discovers another ant on her leg. I guess the 1st time I have to give her she was standing on a ant hill, the 2nd time it was just one. It was to say the least a very long walk.

The next day we were helping my Aunt with yard work. All was going well until Jillian spotted ants! Well she goes ape shit again on me. I'm sure the neighbours thought we were beating her or something. I had to feel bad for the poor flowers she was standing on. So needless to say by this time I'm ready to kick some Kamryn butt since basically until this weekend Jillian had no problem with ants.

So there we have it my kids are scared of ants and I am never going walking with them again.


Cheryl Wray said...

Oh no...I hate that she got so freaked out about the ants!! Sounds like something my girls would do!!
Have a great weekend!

chelle said...

hehe Becca HAS to crush the ants too!

Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear your little ones are now afraid of ants. That's tough.

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Much More Than A Mom said...

That's not a good thing to be scared of --- they're everywhere!!