Thursday, May 14, 2009

Damn it's cold!

Spring, hmmmm what's that? It seems we're not destined to have spring this year. We've had nice days +19 and really that is a nice day, but when it drops to close to 0 the next day and you have to turn your heat back on in May it makes me cranky. The plus, Kamryns U8 all girls team soccer game was cancelled on Tuesday. Seems the U8 boys team still had to play. All I can say is this parent appreciated not having to stand outside on Tuesday in the freezing, cold, howling wind. Ya I'm a wimp.

I guess being a Manitoban at heart this weather shouldn't really surprise me. I remember many a May long weekend bundle up in winter clothes sitting beside the campfire.

It's hard to convince Jillian that it's not really dress weather, the girl is in a I LOVE DRESSES mode. It is so funny. Everyday when she gets up it's "can I wear a dress Mommy?" You know it's a true obsessesion when she talks about dresses in her sleep, which she does or so I discovered at 4am the other morning after she had climbed into bed with us. Funny kid!

I had a very nice Mother's Day, we had a b-b-que with my Aunt and cousins. An overall nice quiet day, my favorite kind. We also had our 1st batch of Santa Fe salad of the year! Mmmmmm I love me some Santa Fe salad.

My family made sure I had cards and all the fun stuff that goes with Mother's Day. Here is the card I received from my kitty Piper.

A Mother's Day
from the Cat

Nice lady pets me
Scoops the poop out of my box
I call her mommy

Happy Mother's day
Love, the Cat

Boy did I giggle, Carlton Cards made my day.


chelle said...

awww spring is tough! Why not get some funky tights to go with the dresses?!?!

wendy said...

some funky THICK tights to go with the dresses.

WOW. Zero? 19?!?!? WOW. I had NO idea. I've never heard of such a thing EVER.

How amazing that people still FUNCTION in that cold weather! Amazing to a Californian. Even DURING winter we had days in the 60's and 70's. At night it might get down into the 40's, but by morning it was 50 + and by 8 a.m. it was ALWAYS 60+ ... just noticing how SPOILED I am.

That is so fun that the CAT even gave you a card.

wendy said...

Oh yes ... and you are totally welcome to use that number game / personality game. :)