Friday, April 24, 2009

Is it really April 24

I guess it really is, I almost fell off my chair when I saw my last post was Jan 2!! Ummm wow. I have been stuck in a rut of do I really have anything exciting to say?

What has been going on?? Lets see?

January - I turned 35
- my DH turned 40 and I threw him a little surprise party, it was awesome.
- it was pretty dang cold this month.

February - I started back to work at the Full House Lottery, which I did last year for the 1st time. I love getting a little paycheck every 2 weeks. I like being valued for the work I do there.
- my sister and her family lost everything they had in an apartment fire, thankfully they all got out safely.
- registered K & J for soccer, can't wait til it starts well except the days K & J overlap and DH is working nights and gone by then. We had it so easy the last couple of years LOL.
- still pretty dang cold

March - still working the weekends plus Monday. I love coming home to dinner on the table, my DH is the best.
- my teenager is the best for watching her sisters for me on Mondays till I get home and for cooking supper for her Dad and sisters the Mondays I work. She has matured so much.
- registered the teenager for high school!! Yup already. There were so many options to choose from we got a headache, man if I had been so lucky when I went to high school and just when you think you have it all down pat we have "the three" BAM we needed to choose 3 more alternatives "just in case".
- the snow starts to melt, it disappears quite fast.
- then comes back and disappears again

April - still working (yah I'm loving it LOL)
- a dear family friend passes away, quite peacefully at the age of 86. He is reunited with his Norma. RIP Peter.
- found the "shoes" to go with Morgyn's grad dress the girl is seriously obsessed, it's so cute.
- have had some lovely days, and then some not so lovely days. Mother Nature is kinda confused it seems. But being a Manitoba girl at heart you learn to be prepared and you don't pack away the winter stuff because well Alberta seems to me mirroring Manitoba alot lately.

So that is my little world in a nutshell. Will try and keep up with my sadly neglected blog.


chelle said...

aww miss to catch up with you. Glad you are happy and enjoying life!

much more than a mom said...

Glad you're doing well - nice to catch up!

wendy said...



Geesh, girl! Don't leave me so long next time! I gotta hear the news.

I can't be over here WONDERING what's up? I gotta have info. Pictures. Updates!

(Have you seen "What About Bob?" movie line: "I want I want I want I need I need I need!")

GOOD to see you. Glad you are safe and well and loving your new job.

Looking forward to more posts.