Monday, September 24, 2007

This Man Seriously Rocks!!

Yup so this is what I did Saturday night, my sister and I went to Keith Urbans second concert in our city. This man created quite the buzz from his 2 shows. It was awesome that is all I can say. The radio station that hosted fielded phone calls from fans all morning, they also had a contest where you could win $2500 if you were the 103 caller this morning and knew the "code word" from the 2 shows. I tried for 20 mins and then had to leave to take Kamryn to school :-( Not that I really thought I would have gotten thru BUT it was nice to dream. I have been to a few concerts now and while the show wasn't "glitzy" it was amazing, that man can play a guitar like no other I have seen. He works it well LOL.

This has been the year of concerts for me, my poor husband I'm sure cringes every time he hears a concert announcement. We have had tons of opportunities and while I have resisted many I couldn't resist Nickelback (in August when I was back home) Keith Urban this past weekend and next month is Brad Paisley. Yup I admit I went a little crazy this year. But in my defence I did resist some Tim McGraw/Faith Hill and Bon Jovi. I have seen them before but would have loved to have gone again. Bon Jovi was the 1st concert I had ever been too and it seems like forever and a day ago (it was likely 15 years ago).

So that was my weekend. It was fun. So who have you seen in concert? Who was your favorite and who would you love to see?


chelle said...

Glad that the concert was a hit!

I saw Kid Rock in Detroit when we lived in Ontario ... it was AWESOME!

I have not been to a concert since I have had kids ... too long I tell ya!

I guess it will not be long until I will going with Becca!

A, B & C said...

It sounds like you had fun! I'm holding out for a Kenny Chesney concert one day... he's my favorite. I went to concerts all the time in high school and college and hope to make time again one day!

Cheryl Wray said...

Keith Urban is seriously gorgeous--PLUS, I love his music!

I haven't been to a concert in ages. Used to go all the time!

Jenna said...

You are SO lucky! I LOVE Keith Urban! My two daughters got to go last year to his concert in LA, and I was mighty jealous and thinking something was wrong with this picture, but they had fun.

I've been to B52's, Reba McIntyre, and Paul McCartney. Concerts are so much fun!